Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Saturday, December 12, 2009

For Dan

Oh such sweet love,

As though sent from above.

With eyes immensely intricate,

lips infinity softened by kiss.

Passionately acquainted

Such pleasure deeply awaken,

my heart feels overtaken.

Oh such sweet love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Dan.

I met a guy,
he's my Mr.wonderful.
Fills my sorrows,
with laughter.
Makes my heart,
pump faster.
Giving me reason to rise,
someone to think of.
He's my Mr.wonderful,
his touch smooths my soul.
When our lips kiss,
his kiss i may not dismiss,
this may be bliss.

I havent felt this in so long. Maybe Ive never felt it.

Monday, October 12, 2009


These days I feel like I have to constantly slap myself in the face. To push forward, time passes quick, my idea of forming a rewild club totally faded away, just like summer. The warm weather is gone, its going to be a cold winter. I need to keep studying wild plants so when Spring returns I can totally be a asset to a short term goal.

I need to get a job, start making money.... I hate money, I hate it so much.... I dont hate it cause its hard to make I hate it because im a slave to it.. fuck!!!

I had a old boss, back when I did door to door marketing, he would always ask me: "Does the money control you? Or do you control the money?" I remeber always trying to explain to him... that me being in control of making my own money didnt mean I wasnt a slave. He would always laugh about that. He said he would rather think he was in control of it...

I remeber days drowning myself out...of blazing fat blunts and bongs, partying all night, waking up late, working 12-8. It was a time of bad habits. I never partied much, I never really liked drinking, but it was like over night I became a heavy drinker... Money made me numb.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming Down

Fire, Fire
Burning bright
Heal my core
Restore my sight

Fire, fire
Burning bright
Destroy Babylon
Renew Mankind

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Everything was vibrant, everything was beautiful.. everything was as it should of been!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sometimes I find it hard to breathe, this emptiness that I long endure for what? The causation is not palpable, the pain indescribable. I suffer not for salvation, or pursuit of utopia. I suffer from lack of love, empathy, & compassion.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reflection of Self.

From Left: Joseph, Phillip, Michael, and I
It seems, all I have left are these pictures. A great link to refresh my repressed memories and thoughts. To laugh at simpler things, like my brothers big ears and my youngest brother's light hair. A previous period where I rocked bangs. Thought of my brother, Michael as my twin. This picture reminds me of something monumental to my brothers and I... Are only family vacation.. a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios.. I think I was five. It overwhelms me to once again look through these images.. after years of hiding away in a dusty old box in storage. My home is not cluttered with crowded walls displaying images of better times, instead they are bare.. possessing a few scattered picture frames of much later years.. Disturbingly still absent of new memories.
Strange It all makes me feel empty..I can't help but disconnect.. I realize.. this is a tradition of my culture to dwell on the past. To take pictures in order to preserve some moment and later reflect on it.

Like a mystic mirror, the pictures speak back to us. Reveal a story. Make us rediscover long forgotten passions and scars.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another short poem.

Going insane,
Battling demons.
Fighting friends,
Family to be feeling,
the change.
withdrawing from false wishes,
abandoning a mind set that's vicious.
cut old ropes,
lay back on the dope,
to encourage a strength beyond hope.


Searching for wisdom inside me,
But I'm feeling broken.
Trying to keep my heart open.
But its closing.
The souls surrounding,
Crowding thick like smog.
Choking my lungs.
Shits so empty,
People need more empathy,
Gotta stay agape to actuality


If I conclave,
Ill lose debate.
All this ego shit,
Clogging my brain.
Gotta feel whole.

Refusing to keep digging,

Need to be breaking,
All that is crippling,
My soul.

La Mia Lotta

Thursday, April 30, 2009

From coast to coast

I'm not producing lines
without sensation
I'm overtaking agents of communication
pushing awareness
to be embracing
a new standard of
not centralized to dull,
sharp souls
or make man to machine
but to embrace mother earth's entire being
I wanna real community
full of loving unconditionally
tired of this produced,
scripted fallacy
defining what makes man happy
were struggling to live the lie
suicide rate has climbed so high
desperation be fueling this fire
consumerism isn't savin souls
sugar coating
every delusion
so your buying

we still digging holes
lets break this mold
the time is now to make shit better
people be facing nasty weather
getting high on drugs
over the counter prescriptions
prisons packed
everyone's a victim
increase in domestic violence
school shooters
murdering families
growth in poverty
while the rich be distracting with the lottery

convenience be polluting streets
infecting the weak
power struggles make it difficult to eat
doesnt stop love hungry teens
constantly crowding up local tanning booths
packing fast food driver thru's
overdosing on pills,
drinking whiskey just to chill
shits sad,
tryin to boost understanding
but they calling me mad.
im far be on that.

we can make a difference
don't need immunity
to be revealing what were facing
this system were following be fooling
ever soul has price to be sellin
urging us to go green
while still enslaving our consciousness
makes us all wanna get high
im struggling to live, some waiting to die
encouraging us to get laid,
so Trojan can get paid.
so much more fuckin not enough lovin.
industrial civ,
killin our souls,
promoting ego to grow
selfish cats, bullshiting about the past
tellin me to get off my ass,
cant comprehend
what im asking.
everyone participant in action.
cant do it alone, so hop on phones
spread awareness from coast to coast

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transform & Change

Industrial Civilization is so corrupt
The rich have plenty the poor cant get enough..

I'm a dreamer, gotta keep dreaming
I'm a painter, gotta keep creating.

Never stop rearranging
Never stop changing
Just piece it together

I am told I am too young to understand the world.
But that's just not true.

I see the trees depleting,
Climatic change raging,
Globalization infecting the world.
Oil fueling this resource hungry industrial system.

Realize biological diversity is shrinking.
Realize suicide rates are increasing.
Realize the wealthy are dominating.

Our culture is controlled by self interest.
With a market to sell your soul.

I'm just a dreamer, but I can make a difference.
I'm just a painter, but I can make a difference.

Speaking proud,
Talking loud.

I am told I am too young to
make a difference.
But we know that's just not true.

Were just expected to conform,
Were just expected to deny the facts.

Expected to believe too many lies
Do not let the invisible fist get the
Best of the best.

Let the strong, free the people
Let the strong, spread revolution

Lets transform and change
recreate and rearrange.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009