Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Thursday, April 30, 2009

From coast to coast

I'm not producing lines
without sensation
I'm overtaking agents of communication
pushing awareness
to be embracing
a new standard of
not centralized to dull,
sharp souls
or make man to machine
but to embrace mother earth's entire being
I wanna real community
full of loving unconditionally
tired of this produced,
scripted fallacy
defining what makes man happy
were struggling to live the lie
suicide rate has climbed so high
desperation be fueling this fire
consumerism isn't savin souls
sugar coating
every delusion
so your buying

we still digging holes
lets break this mold
the time is now to make shit better
people be facing nasty weather
getting high on drugs
over the counter prescriptions
prisons packed
everyone's a victim
increase in domestic violence
school shooters
murdering families
growth in poverty
while the rich be distracting with the lottery

convenience be polluting streets
infecting the weak
power struggles make it difficult to eat
doesnt stop love hungry teens
constantly crowding up local tanning booths
packing fast food driver thru's
overdosing on pills,
drinking whiskey just to chill
shits sad,
tryin to boost understanding
but they calling me mad.
im far be on that.

we can make a difference
don't need immunity
to be revealing what were facing
this system were following be fooling
ever soul has price to be sellin
urging us to go green
while still enslaving our consciousness
makes us all wanna get high
im struggling to live, some waiting to die
encouraging us to get laid,
so Trojan can get paid.
so much more fuckin not enough lovin.
industrial civ,
killin our souls,
promoting ego to grow
selfish cats, bullshiting about the past
tellin me to get off my ass,
cant comprehend
what im asking.
everyone participant in action.
cant do it alone, so hop on phones
spread awareness from coast to coast

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem, C
    the only two lines i felt were a little off(is the second supposed to be "beyond"?)

    or make man to machine
    im far be on that.