Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transform & Change

Industrial Civilization is so corrupt
The rich have plenty the poor cant get enough..

I'm a dreamer, gotta keep dreaming
I'm a painter, gotta keep creating.

Never stop rearranging
Never stop changing
Just piece it together

I am told I am too young to understand the world.
But that's just not true.

I see the trees depleting,
Climatic change raging,
Globalization infecting the world.
Oil fueling this resource hungry industrial system.

Realize biological diversity is shrinking.
Realize suicide rates are increasing.
Realize the wealthy are dominating.

Our culture is controlled by self interest.
With a market to sell your soul.

I'm just a dreamer, but I can make a difference.
I'm just a painter, but I can make a difference.

Speaking proud,
Talking loud.

I am told I am too young to
make a difference.
But we know that's just not true.

Were just expected to conform,
Were just expected to deny the facts.

Expected to believe too many lies
Do not let the invisible fist get the
Best of the best.

Let the strong, free the people
Let the strong, spread revolution

Lets transform and change
recreate and rearrange.

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