Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reflection of Self.

From Left: Joseph, Phillip, Michael, and I
It seems, all I have left are these pictures. A great link to refresh my repressed memories and thoughts. To laugh at simpler things, like my brothers big ears and my youngest brother's light hair. A previous period where I rocked bangs. Thought of my brother, Michael as my twin. This picture reminds me of something monumental to my brothers and I... Are only family vacation.. a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios.. I think I was five. It overwhelms me to once again look through these images.. after years of hiding away in a dusty old box in storage. My home is not cluttered with crowded walls displaying images of better times, instead they are bare.. possessing a few scattered picture frames of much later years.. Disturbingly still absent of new memories.
Strange It all makes me feel empty..I can't help but disconnect.. I realize.. this is a tradition of my culture to dwell on the past. To take pictures in order to preserve some moment and later reflect on it.

Like a mystic mirror, the pictures speak back to us. Reveal a story. Make us rediscover long forgotten passions and scars.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another short poem.

Going insane,
Battling demons.
Fighting friends,
Family to be feeling,
the change.
withdrawing from false wishes,
abandoning a mind set that's vicious.
cut old ropes,
lay back on the dope,
to encourage a strength beyond hope.


Searching for wisdom inside me,
But I'm feeling broken.
Trying to keep my heart open.
But its closing.
The souls surrounding,
Crowding thick like smog.
Choking my lungs.
Shits so empty,
People need more empathy,
Gotta stay agape to actuality


If I conclave,
Ill lose debate.
All this ego shit,
Clogging my brain.
Gotta feel whole.

Refusing to keep digging,

Need to be breaking,
All that is crippling,
My soul.

La Mia Lotta