Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reflection of Self.

From Left: Joseph, Phillip, Michael, and I
It seems, all I have left are these pictures. A great link to refresh my repressed memories and thoughts. To laugh at simpler things, like my brothers big ears and my youngest brother's light hair. A previous period where I rocked bangs. Thought of my brother, Michael as my twin. This picture reminds me of something monumental to my brothers and I... Are only family vacation.. a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios.. I think I was five. It overwhelms me to once again look through these images.. after years of hiding away in a dusty old box in storage. My home is not cluttered with crowded walls displaying images of better times, instead they are bare.. possessing a few scattered picture frames of much later years.. Disturbingly still absent of new memories.
Strange It all makes me feel empty..I can't help but disconnect.. I realize.. this is a tradition of my culture to dwell on the past. To take pictures in order to preserve some moment and later reflect on it.

Like a mystic mirror, the pictures speak back to us. Reveal a story. Make us rediscover long forgotten passions and scars.


  1. another beautiful piece. It got me to thinking. Photos "freeze" time to allow us, if only for a moment, to "relive" the past. As I've aged, I too noticed that I no longer have walls of photos. Perhaps, I no longer want to rediscover those "long forgotten passions and scars."

    Thanks for another thought provoking post!