Premise One:

"Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization." - Derrick Jensen

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shit to know: Climatic change

Climatic Change is lame
planets temperatures
starting to rearrange
Gaia's constantly aging
reminding us nothing ever stays same
there is a process for change

in some senses its nonsense
its debatable
whether or not we play a role
so i'm writing this song
in hopes
others are
willing to hear it

i cant bare it
the lines have been crossed
corruption founded this commotion
so purposely led us a stray
we lost our sense
of what is true

Now look at us
bashing heads over nothing
acid rain doesn't change the climate
neither does clear cutting
doesn't mean there any less of a problem
its not all or nothing
your a damn tool
if you think that way
you don't even know its you,
YOU betray!

As you cover your heart
pledging allegiance to this way of life
doesn't even sound to bad
typically cause u got a warm bed and fed
but what about those who suffer cause of us?
is our standard of living really healthy enough?

cause everyone knows
by the time there 27
how much of dead-end existence
it is to work away your life for a living
and thats the problem with the system

Some argue its the politics
but its obvious
systems just rotten
landownership by robbing
nothings ever enough
so trade still always required
even when sustainable methods can be offered
others would say don't forget there's a global market!

so, what do we invest in it for?
In what ways
will we end up with more?
it just encourages the poor
not to mention
strip away our rights
with what intentions?
to make us products
to be products of.

its sad,
all the problems are connected
haven't you noticed
whats been happening
our lifestyle just toxic
in so many ways

it taught us to love it.
but fuck it
listen up, ill explain
im not a green activist
just a poet that is pist.- what ends up happening is this!
contamination occurs
Aiding in the collapse
of soo many species habitats
and forest dwelling humans at that

nothing can escape
were fueling this cycle of hate
all living in a trench towns
not aware of our fate

would we rather not fret
live our lives
just washing our hands of it
No, I cant, its a lie

If you shift responsibility
your a puppet
playing on with your show
as if u never knew
but that' is
what is wrong dude
is how so diluted
our image of the world
thought to be perfect
but whats worth it?

whenever you try to concentrate to just work it
you feel like no good has been put in,
its all ready to come undone
so how do we instill a foundation
to make way for future generations
ive got so many questions

cause it doesn't matter what i study,
i understand its all moldable like putty
yet its driven by money
and yes some people are petty

shoot off there mouth real heavy
don't need that negative energy
wont be brought down
I'm trying to perfect this craft
so my words may be profound
reach into the hearts
ignite a spark
a new mental journey
they then must embark

do I warn them
of others who cast out in spite
will mock them maybe even fight?
or its alright? not all are those types.

Whatever happens be strong us all your might cause its alright
people are allowed
to disagree
with all this crap they teach
all this crap they feed
from infancy

some argue
its destroying
our sense of creativity
makes it extra hard to resist,
when they punish it
use social drugs for reinforcement

Do you know about all the plastic that ends up in the oceans annually?
And How retarded it requires more energy to recycle anything?
whats the deal we build ships to outer space but we cant properly dispose of our waste,

now thats just a disgrace
hypocritical in every-way
question these everyday solutions
see how they attribute to confusion?

so then why do we do it?